Website Copywriting

The first goal of your new website to get noticed by Search Engines and to capture your reader's attention so that they click on your page and invest their time learning more about your business. Nolee-O Web Design will advise you on SEO or Search Engine Optimization, a large part of SEO (getting your website noticed) are keywords.  Web copywriters also pay special attention to the 'key words' that search engines will use to rank your page according to the search criteria plugged into the web browser.

Website Copywriting is the art of telling people about your business in a way that engages the reader and wins their interest, and ultimately their business, all within the few seconds following that first precious click.  In the fast pace of today's internet commerce, time is our most precious commodity, therefore it's more important than ever that you choose your words carefully and intentionally.

Copywriters are skilled at selling you and your business. Many business owners find it difficult to sell themselves over the web.  You know what you do, how you do it and you're pretty confident that you do it better than anyone else; but for some reason the idea of putting it in writing can be quite overwhelming.  The last thing you want to do is leave the "We're working on this page..." message on your site while you spend the next few months shuffling the task of writing your web copy to the bottom of your To-Do list.

Our experienced copywriters will spend time getting to know your business paying special attention to the language you use to describe your products and services.  We'll ask several questions about what you offer, why people need your business, who you are, why you're qualified to do what you do and we'll find out what makes your business different from your competitors.  All of this information will be used to assemble a draft of the copy for your web pages - Copy that is purposefully written to win you more business! The draft is submitted for your review, you communicate changes that need to be made and your writer will fine tune the copy.