Search Engine Optimization

Website SEO

The keywords that we choose will dictate the life or death of your website. When we choose your keywords, we need to be able to compete with them. It is unrealistic to think that a young and small company's website could rank number one on keywords like "Software", "Books", or "Motel". Larger, more established companies who have been on the Internet for several years are not only much more well known, but also have links to them from many other websites. These links give credit to the larger companies and allow them to compete on such general words--engines see these sites as a reliable source. That credibility is established over a long period of time through affiliate programs, alliances, link partnerships, and other similar programs. By submitting your site to link directories, we can increase your "Link Popularity", and slowly gain similar credibility, as more pages across the Web take notice of you and link to your site.

The fact that most people do not query search engines on single words such as "Books", or "Fish", works in your favor. Users are more likely to search for something more specific such as "Cook Books", or "Monk Fish". The first step, then, in choosing the right keywords, is to make them specific. You can also be more specific in your keywords by narrowing down your geographic location. For example, if you are a restaurant in Lake George, you would be most interested in attracting web site visitors from the Lake George area. Lake George Internet traffic would also be more likely to visit you, rather than a restaurant in another state.

We will work together to identify the most effective key words and phrases for your businesses site.